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Bio from CD - relased in 2011

“Believe” has been a dream of his since he was a teenager and listened to albums on a portable record player in his back yard.  But “life throws you curves and you make decisions as best you can, and just keep moving forward.”  Mike never gave up on the dream of making people happy with his singing.

Mike spent a large part of his life as a Deputy Sheriff and all that comes with that type of work, and for the last 9 years has been teaching Criminal Justice at the High School level in Virginia. The last few years he tried to satisfy his desire to sing at Karaoke clubs, performing mostly country covers with the occasional Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak tune thrown in.  His Georgia family shares his love of singing and while visiting they took Mike to a recording studio they’d found that is owned and run by a couple of great guys, Flatbottom Underground Studios in Ballground, Georgia.  John, the producer, encouraged Mike to record a CD of songs from local writers that he works with.  Mike spends so much time travelling between and living in both Canton, GA and Centreville, VA that he feels like he has two hometowns, one he works in to survive and one he works in to fulfill his dreams.  He tells his students, “you can achieve whatever you want if you work hard and really want it bad enough”.  So it was time he took his own advice. 

“Believe” is blessed with some great songwriting, instrumentation, and background vocals from some really talented native Georgia artists and friends, who for the most part donated their services to help bring this project to fruition.

Just like life in general this project went through some trials and tribulations both happy and sad, and he hopes the result is something that everyone who contributed can all be proud to have been a part of.


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